Welcome to The Last Storm

A 4th edition Forgotten Realms Campaign

The year is 1479 DR Year of the Ageless one. Faerûn has recovered since its last catastrophic event know as the Spell Plague in 1385 DR.

However a storm approaches Faerûn, every inhabitant on the contient can feel it coming. A sense of dread and inpending doom that can't be shaken.

Nature itself seems to be effected with the weather being the same across Faerûn. Constant rain and wind has made life harder for everyone. The rain now falls everywhere even in places where its almost unheard of. Everyone knows these storms are only a sign of things to come.

Nearly 100 cycles had passed since the blue flame struck this land and changed it forever. The last 10 year has been very peaceful. The land and its people have recovered and found joy in this new beginning.

However this cycle the weather has begun to change it grows violent and dark. Rain now is common across all of Faerûn, constant rain and lighting storms have now made things harder for all beings.

Prices for everything have risen as transport and production of everything is far harder under these conditions. Their have also been an increase of attacks from bandits and monsters alike. The monsters are whipped up into a fury never seen before, driven by something sinister & the bandits want to make their fortunes with goods that now sell at nearly twice the cost.

If all this wasn’t bad enough there is now a sense of dread and doom across the entire realm. Every being can feel something coming, almost like an end to all things.

- Book of the Fall, Chapter 2

The Campaign So Far: 

The Last Storm